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Michael Saylor Responds to Elon Musk - Bitcoin Environmental Impact & Energy DEBATE (NEW)

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Michael Saylor responds to Elon Musk Bitcoin environmental impact argument and energy consumption FUD. Chad Saylor CLAPS back.

Elon Musk Giveth, Elon Musk Taketh Away.

In this Video, Michael Saylor responds to Elon Musk tweeting out regarding environmental concerns surrounding Bitcoin which in turn caused not just the Bitcoin price to drop, but the entire cryptocurrency market.

For those that missed it, Elon Musk tweeted out that Tesla would be halting any payments for cars via Bitcoin and Saylor, a few hours later, responded by showing another large purchase of Bitcoin through MicroStrategy. In this interview on Kitco News, Saylor speaks on the truth regarding Bitcoin and energy consumption and its environmental impacts.

To watch the full interview with Michael Saylor (and subscribe!) check out the full interview here: (Michelle is a great interviewer, would recommend!)

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0:00 Intro - (Michael Saylor CLAPS back!)
1:24 Elon Musk was the chosen one...
2:02 Michael Saylors Response
4:10 The COST of Bitcoin (Damaging?)
5:53 What to do if you're concerned
7:55 Proof of Work energy use (positives)
11:04 Bitcoin energy use is exponentially decreasing... (HUGE)
12:00 Most important point about BTC (Listen CLOSE!)
12:23 On-chain Bitcoin data (GOOD NEWS for #HODLERs!

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