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My experience with Opera GX browser.

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This has been a requested video.

Unless you’re a dedicated gamer who’s unhappy with their current web browser’s performance, there’s little reason to migrate over to Opera GX from a more established browser. However, if you were interested in making the switch, Opera GX makes one heck of a good first impression

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meme usual54 - Usually, the value showed in GX Control isn't equal to one in Task manager

That being said, does this happen all the time, like, with a difference of 24% or more.

ItsLiyo - The most cpu usage for me has been 30% Since i just got it.

Light585 - I have the same problem, it's using 30% CPU and 3 GB RAM, so I applied limits, and that's changed nothing. It wasn't happening yesterday, or even this morning. I'm going to have to move all my tabs back to the regular Opera until this shit gets fixed.

Credit to riot games to be able to let me use their gameplay

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