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Noah Derksen - Love, Come Easy (From the Exchange)

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Recorded at the Exchange Community Church in Winnipeg, MB.

Recording and Mixing - Elessar Thiessen
Mastering - Jordan Jackiew
Video - Josh Goossen
Assistant Camera - Max Khomenko

This video was produced with the generous support of Manitoba Film & Music.



young man sitting on his porch at night
he’s sitting there watching with eyes open wide
thinking love might just walk on by

but it don’t come now and it didn’t come then
sometimes you just can’t know when
even when you feel it
coming around the corner

he’s thinking,

love, come easy
love, come easy

now switch the scene to a café shop
a woman walks in from the parking lot
she’s covered in rain and filled with thoughts of loneliness

she takes her coffee black
as she wonders where the hell she’s out
how love could escape her grasp once again

she’s thinking,

love, come easy
love, come easy
love, come easy
love, come easy

if the two of them should meet
somewhere there out on the street
is it love that might set them free

but they just keep their heads down
praying what’s been lost will become found
and love will come easy

but love don’t come easy
love, come easy
love, come easy
love, come easy
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