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OBS 26 Release Features You Need To Know

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It's been another year, and the OBS developers including Hugh "Jim" Bailey, DDRBoxman, cg2121, remjay, jpark37, khng300, Codex-, and Bennik2000 among others have made significant contributions to the project. The StremaGeeks are proud supporters of the OBS Project on both Patreon and Open Collective where we receive updates about the latest versions of OBS.

Download here - https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/releases/tag/26.0.0-rc1

It's important to note that the current version of OBS 26 is a "release candidate." This means that it is a BETA that is not recommended for production use. So the new features may come with some bugs and you may want to wait until the official release is available. With that being said, the new features are listed below.

1. Built-in Virtual Camera Button (Windows)
2. New Source Tool Bar
3. New Noise Suppression Method (RNNoise)
4. An AI-based noise suppression which is significantly better than previous
5. New Screenshot Hotkeys
6. New sRGB Color Support (more accurate)

The most exciting new feature is a built-in virtual camera output. This new feature is available with a super simple button in the main control area. A virtual camera can be used to send the video content from your OBS production into another application that uses webcams. A perfect example would be sending your OBS video into Zoom or Skype. The simple start and stop "Virtual Camera" button is available right under "Start Streaming" and "Start Recording."

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