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OpenRPA Browser Automation - Tutorial

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This video tutorial will show you, how to do browser automation with OpenRPA. OpenRPA is an Open Source Enterprise tool that is totally FREE, meaning that it is having a huge advantage compared to the big RPA tools (UiPath, AA and Blue Prism). In the guide I will show you, how easy it is to automate in Chrome with OpenRPA.

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0:13 OpenRPA Browser Use Case
The use case demonstrates, how to open Chrome, navigate to a URL, type in username and password and click a login button. It is simple and a typical RPA use case.

0:52 Create Workflow
Creating a workflow in our OpenRPA project.

1:00 Browser and navigate to URL
We open up a browser (Chrome) and navigate to a URL with OpenRPA. If you want to user other browsers, you can chose e.g. IE, Edge, Firefox or Opera. In the property for the 'Open URL' activity we type in the executable for the browser, we want to automate in. In our case 'chrome'.

2:05 Create a Variable
In OpenRPA we can create a variable by using the Variables Manager.

2:39 Use our Variable
We use our newly created variable in our 'Open URL' activity.

3:12 Username Automation
After we have created our Username variable, we can use the OpenRPA recorder to type in our Username and afterwards assign it to our created variable.

4:20 Renaming the name of the activities
It is easy to rename activities in OpenRPA. Simply just click the name and edit it.

4:54 Password Automation
While we are waiting for credential handling in OpenRPA, we will just automate it the same way, as we did with the Username (create variable and use the recorder).

6:37 Click a button in Chrome
Clicking a button with OpenRPA is easy. Again we can use the recorder.

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