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Philakone's Premium Discord Group

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To Join the Premium Discord Group:

- 3 Day Free Trial
Monthly membership: $35/month
Yearly membership: $350/year (You Save $70).

Premium Group - What Does It Get You?
- The goal is education so you can be a self-sufficient trader alone.
- I work about 16 hours a day as people have noticed. My time there is plenty.
- I'll provide a BTC outlook at least 4 times a week from a Swing and Investing perspective.
- I'll provide 4 swing position videos a week for those that can't day-trade with us. This is also a great opportunity for people with busy schedules where they might seek council a few times a week.
- I trade constantly and will try my best to post each position before-hand that I believe people can catch. For example, the ones I will NOT post are scalps that happen within 1-2 minutes. They're impossible to catch without the same skill.
- Many trade setups are posted each day that are highly confluent and the majority are successful with high win rates.
- I provide lesson videos on areas that I believe people are lacking. For example if someone gets liquidated, I'll certainly spend time talking to that person individually or as a group by giving solid advice so we can minimize mistakes.
- There will be constant lesson videos on all areas of trading to teach you new things where eventually it'll stick.
- I make inspiration and motivational videos (may seem lame) to always encourage your best.
- I give feedback on charts that people post.
- I warn people of dangers in their trades and what to look out for.
- I go over some trades that the group is interested in taking by giving solid advice (aka loosely consulting).
- I post every single win/loss in a video that always comes out as a lesson.
- I record every single trade of mine and will be posting it at the end of the day for everyone to review.

How the Community Is:
- Members are active and from all around the world, sharing their own setups as they work collectively to win
- Seeing the same members every day has made us a little family. We talk not only about trading, but our real lives as well. I'm finding this group to be a very good support group where I see them as friends.
- A great place to interact with good people that support you and have similar goals.
I'm VERY confident that this group is extremely happy. I plan to run the absolute best group possible. My goals, ambitions, drive, success, and motivation is unparalleled and this is the group for you.
See you there.
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