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PI 3, Windows 10 IoT, 7" LCD and Browser Support !!

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Now I have a Raspberry PI 3, I can look at how well the 7" LCD display works with it as a few people have been saying it does not work on the PI 3 ??.

RS Components were kind enough to send me one for review and to create a few "How To's" along with a Power Adapter (The Official 2.5A PI 3 Version) and an official PI 3 Case.

Well the good news is the 7" display does work and very well, certainly every bit as well as it does with Raspbian anyway and right out of the box too which is great news.

In fact, using the right Control and some simple code you can easily configure a browser that can surf the net or local resources and I’ll show you a sample in the video, I will investigate this further in later posts. For now I demonstrate connecting to the Web interface of my FLIR AX8 Thermal imager, it all works great.

The BAD news is that the WIFI and Bluetooth is not yet supported but Microsoft is working on it and promises it soon (They just don’t say how soon)

Of course boot times are improved from a minute to about 48 seconds and that's with Noobs, so you can remove about 10 Seconds if you image with the ISO's directly

If you’re using the PI on its own (No Display Attached then the case is excellent and wraps up the PI nicely. It also supports several removable panels for accessing various parts of the PI.

A note that I should mention is that the SD card no longer is a push to insert and push to remove with a fancy latching mechanism. Now it is simply Push to insert, Pull to remove. I guess this makes it simpler and with less parts to go wrong and no longer suffer from accidental ejection but I was taken by surprise initially as I did not read that was a change anywhere.

I will be following up with a few videos on using the PI3 as an IOT appliance and this will be with Windows 10 IoT and Raspbian with Node Red.

Now before anyone shouts there display is not working. Mine is a V 1.0 display. Not the later 1.1 version. I am trying to get the later display and will report as soon as I can on its operation.

You can get the PI from RS-Components here: -http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/processor-microcontroller-development-kits/8968660/

The case here: - http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/development-board-enclosures/9098138/?origin=PSF_502004|acc

And the official PSU Brick in white here: - http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/plug-in-power-supply/9098126/?origin=PSF_430702|acc

The Display can be found here but remember this is probably going to be the V1.1 that I have not yet tested: - http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/graphics-display-development-kits/8997466/?origin=PSF_431023|rel (The close up of the board still says V1.0 but no guarantees that is what you will get)

I also noticed that RS has a nice case to fit the PI and the 7" LCD here- http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/development-board-enclosures/9064665/?origin=PSF_502004|acc

So time to get using this for a few IoT projects including automation of my Power Supply (About time I hear you say.... tooo right)

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