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Puppy Dog Pals | 360 Game - Bingo & Rolly's Dog House ???? | Disney Junior UK

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[MOVE THE SCREEN TO SEE ALL OF THE DOG HOUSE] Join Bingo and Rolly in their puppy playhouse with this awesome 360 interactive video game! Help the Puppy Dog Pals find different objects, learn how to count AND sing along to the theme tune in this super fun challenge. ????

Welcome to the official Disney Junior UK YouTube channel! Watch clips and get ready to sing-a-long to songs from your little one’s favourite shows including Doc McStuffins, Sofia The First, The Lion Guard, Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates, PJ Masks, Miles From Tomorrow, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Henry Hugglemonster, Sheriff Callie and Minnie’s Bow-Toons.

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On your bark, get ready!

Meet Puppy Dog Pals Bingo and Rolly ????! These two pug puppies aren't just your normal household pet, they are pawsome adventurers whose mission it is to make their human owner, Bob, happy! They are kitted out with the coolest doggy devices thanks to Bob who spends all day thinking of inventions, like their hi-tech dog collars that contain storage for yummy puppy treats. But these pups aren't Bob's only pets, also in the house is cat Hissy ???? and A.R.F the robotic dog ???? (another one of Bob's inventions).

Bingo and Rolly's motto is that life is much more exciting with your best friend by your side, which is why they get excited when they go on adventures together! They spend their days travelling around their neighbourhood and across the globe looking for fun things to do. Once they flew all the way to Egypt to find the ancient pyramids ????!

Not only do these pups travel the world but they also make some pretty PAW-SOME tunes such as 'Gotta Get the Ball' and 'Coolin' Out'. To watch more of these catchy music videos, check out the Puppy Dog Pals Songs playlist ► http://bit.ly/2DhrU6h

Bingo is the adorable black pug puppy that wears a blue lightning bolt collar ⚡! He is super smart and always plans his and his younger brother Rolly's adventures ????. He lives to make his owner Bob happy so, goes on secret missions to bring him what he wants… once they even travelled all the way to Hawaii to bring back sand so Bob could feel it between his toes! ????

Rolly is the super cute brown pup who has a red collar with a bone on it ????! He is excitable and silly which means he can be easily distracted, but it's okay as big brother Bingo is always there to look out for him and keep him focused on the mission. Rolly is a funny pug whose clumsiness is always getting him into hilarious situations. ????

Bob Is Bingo and Rolly's human owner. He works as an inventor and spends all day making cool things for his puppies and cat Hissy. Although he can't understand what his pets say he loves playing with them and making them happy!

Hissy is another one of Bob's pets, she is a beautiful purple cat that wears a fabulous pink bow around her collar ????. Although she loves her dog brothers, she also likes napping and being pampered so doesn't always tag along on their thrilling adventures. ????

A.R.F stands for Auto Robotic doggy Friend and in an invention made by Bob to look after the puppies when he is at work. ???? He always cleans up after those messy pups, so Bob doesn't have to! This gives Bob more time to PLAY which makes everyone happy!! ????⚽
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