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Shadow Work/Dark Night of the Soul Workshop

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Focusing solely on your positive side is easy and comfortable. Many of 'New Age' people have us focus in on it all the time, but where there is light, there is also dark. We all have darker sides of our personalities and thoughts. Many of us use various coping mechanisms or deny it exists. To work on the 'dark night of your soul' is hard and very difficult because it brings up negative emotions. It’s no wonder the majority of us avoid the darker part of our personalities.

Inside every one of us are darker problems that exist. In order to touch the very depths of our being, we must be ready to explore our buried self through shadow work. And in order to be truly at peace, we need to get in touch with our darker side, rather than repress it. This class with go over some basic ideas for you to help you pull those skeletons out of the closet and deal with them once and for all.
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