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SONY FX3 Menu Revealed. AirPeak. Potential RAW via Firmware & More

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SONY FX3 Menu Revealed. AirPeak. Potential RAW via Firmware & More. .
In today's video, I bring you the latest leak details that have hit my inbox.
The Sony FX3 is looking very exiting but at the same time is having us scratching our heads because the more we learn about the features and specs of the Sony FX3 the more it looks like a Sony A7Siii in many ways.

However we think that the magic of the Sony FX3 lies in its direct compatibility with the upcoming Airpeak.
I share an Airpeak posted on the Sony website where you can appreciate how the form factor of the FX3 could make this camera the best companion for air peak.

Also it seems like the Sony FX3 will connect with the drone's computer via hot sho mount which it will give the pilot full control of the camera from the ground.

Now, this could mean everything to justify the increased price over the Sony A7Siii that has been rumored.

Whatever the case may be we think that Sony is on the right track even though we may not fully understand the existence of the Sony FX3.

What we know so far is that the Sony FX3 will be exactly in features and specs as the Sony A7SIII.

However the fact that the camera has fans and CF Xpress type A makes it an indication that this camera can potentially add RAW video recording to the FX3 via HDMI. If this is true this will mean that the Sony FX6 will have that upgrade as well.

In terms of full video specs of the Sony FX3, just look at the other videos that we have done regarding the A7SIII.

What it's unique is that this CInema Camera will have Still capabilities which is yet another great indication that the Sony FX3 has been designed with Airpeak in mind.

What's your take on this latest camera? Let us know in the comments Below. ????

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