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Streamlabs Melon: Browser Based Streaming Software Any Good?

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Did you hear about Streamlabs' Melon yet? This new browser based streamed software is new to the scene, but is it any good? Find out all the features of the Melon App in this video! Click the link below to get started with your free version of the Melon App.

???? Melon App - https://livestreamingtech.com/Melon

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:31 What is the Melon App?
0:57 How to Invite Guest to Melon Stream
2:00 How to Schedule a Melon Stream on Facebook
3:40 How to Edit Melon Live Screen
4:09 Using the Screen Share Function on Melon
4:23 Various Screen Settings/Functions of Melon
5:40 Melon Pricing
6:31 Premium Features of Melon
7:27 The Pros and Cons of Melon

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