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TEAM 10 ...where the hell are they now?

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TEAM 10 ...where the hell are they now?

Hey guys welcome back to my channel!! hope you guys are all doing well~~ today we’re doing another “where are they now” style video! I did one of these a few months back for Magcon called “MAGCON ...where the hell are they now?” and it seemed like you guys really enjoyed it. it was pretty fun to look back at that time and see where all those people are now so i thought we could do it again but this time around with another expired social media group- team ten :-)

i think while magcon definitely pioneered the whole "charging people to come meet us even though we have no talent or performance to provide them" thing, team ten definitely deserves some recognition for being trailblazers when it comes to.. ticking off as many people as possible in an attempt to become and stay relevant. and unfortunately, team ten seems to have inspired newer content houses i.e hype house, sway house (what is that name even btw i...lol), because a lot of these tik tok houses have been pulling similar stunts compared to what we've seen in the past from team ten that earned them (negative) mainstream exposure. so considering that the stunts seem to be at an all-time high right now, i thought it was more relevant of a time than ever to look back on the.. ~creators of chaos~ if you will.

Similar to my magcon video, considering this is a “where are they now,” we’ll be looking at some notable team ten members and seeing what they’re up to these days since they’ve left team ten (spoiler alert, literally all of them have left the group lol). we’ll also look back at some moments from team ten when they were at their peak back in summer 2017, which looking back now… that whole summer just feels like a weird fever dream honestly. BUT if you were curious on if tessa brooks still has the competition shook or if nick crompton still owns england… i’ve got answers for you.

also just a side note this video is definitely not exhaustive whatsoever considering team ten at this point has had 834053845 different rebrands and new members coming and going constantly, so i opted to just focus on the members that i felt were the most widely known, so apologies in advance if there was a member you were looking to hear about that i missed. ANYWAYS i’ll stop rambling now, i hope you guys enjoy the video and if you did feel free to give the video a like and subscribe!!

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