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The Best Deep Sky Astrophoto I Have Ever Taken!

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Exploring the universe one image at a time! Come follow me on this journey, be an AstroAddict :)

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About the image:
Yes, finally a version of M51 I like :D
121x300s RGB - Optolong L-Pro
135x300s Ha - Optolong L-Extreme

My first time editing an image with such a long focal length. The challenge is to get a sharp result, since the magnification makes everything blurry. The Ha data really helped, but the RGB provided enough detail to sharpen without getting too much noise
Music from Epidemic Sound:
Between Worlds - Adriel Fair
I'll Be Wasted (Instrumental) - Deanz
Superior - Silver Maple
The Light from Within - Howard Harper-Barnes
Our Last Stand - FormantX
AstroAddict is using the following equipment:
Very Big Scope: Omegon Pro RC 154/1370
Big Scope: Omegon 102/714 APO
Small Scope: Technosky 70AG Quadruplet
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ-5 Pro (Beltmodded)
Imaging Camera: ZWO ASI 294 MC PRO
Guidescope: Omegon Microspeed 60mm
Guide Camera: Altair GPCAM2/ZWO 120MM
Filters: Astronomik CLS CCD / IDAS NB1 / Optolong L-Pro / Optolong L-Extreme
This video is NOT sponsored by any mentioned and/or displayed brands
All content in this video was either filmed by myself, spoken by myself, taken by myself. Every music clip/song is commercially licenced by Epidemic Sound. Exceptions:

Wonderful M51 SKetch by Dylan O'Donnell. Original Source:

Collision Animation by The Space Telescope Science Team:
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Thank you so much for stopping by, i wish you a wonderful day/night wherever you are, clear skies, and

May the night be with us!
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