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The future of Monero: An interview with Diego Salazar aka Rehrar continued… Part 2/2

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In this interview with Diego Salazar aka Rehrar, a contributor in the Monero community we discuss the questions which were asked by the community themselves from their Reddit channel.

Part 2/2 : https://youtu.be/20LIV7uQJco

Please see the timings below for when all of the different questions are answered throughout the video. Please note that this video is split into two parts and this is part one of the video.

Timings for each of the questions
00:24 What is something you would like to see more of the Monero community members doing?
06:00 What is the number one mistake that users of Monero tend to make when protecting their privacy?
13:50 What are potential improvements that are on the horizon? (like improvements in signature schemes, RandomX, etc)
17:20 What is the biggest legal/political hurdle facing Monero?
21:28 For a completely average Monero user, what is the best way they could contribute to the project?

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