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The JUSTIFIED Execution Of Johanna Bormann - The Woman With The Dog Of Auschwitz

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When the concentration camps were liberated as the Second World War was coming to a conclusion, the true crimes of the Nazi regime were uncovered. Inside camps such as Auschwitz and also Bergen-Belsen, the Red Army and British who liberated the camps would uncover the horror inflicted by the SS and the Nazis. When the British liberated Belsen, they would find thousands of corpses but also hidden within the prisoners who survived would be a number of SS guards who tried to escape justice.

One of these was notorious SS guard Johanna (Juana) Bormann who would be known as 'The Weasel of Auschwitz,' or even more sinisterly 'The Woman With The Dog Of Auschwitz.' Bormann was known for being incredibly savage and brutal, she would regularly beat prisoners during the Holocaust and would horrifically administer punishment. She would go further and was known for her huge German Shepherd dog that would accompany her. Bormann would be known for setting her dog onto prisoners, and during a number of incidents her dog would savage and bite prisoners.

During two incidents, the dog would allegedly kill prisoners after Bormann would encourage it to rip the poor victims to death. Bormann was also known as the most hated guard of the Auschwitz complex, and would also routinely take part in selections, deciding who would go to the gas chambers and who would die. Bormann would be found guilty of her horrific crimes during the Holocaust, and for this was executed by British hangman Albert Pierrepoint.

So join us today as we look at 'The Justified Execution Of Johanna Bormann - The Woman With The Dog Of Auschwitz.'

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