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TODAY’S SEASONAL CANDLES IN WASTELAND #2| SEASON OF DREAMS | Sky children of the light | Noob Mode

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Meditation in Graveyard link https://youtu.be/Z3Pd3wDYwaM
Alternative location of all four seasonal candles in Wasteland
Season of Dreams
How do I get Seasonal Candles?
Seasonal Candles are obtained through a variety of activities:
Forge a Seasonal Candle after collecting light from four clusters of seasonal candles. The location of the candles rotates with the zone that daily quests are available.
Complete Daily Quests offered by the Quest NPC found in the Home space. Each quest awards the player with 1 Seasonal Candle. Four quests are available to all players each day.
Adventure Pass holders can collect a bonus daily Seasonal Candle in the Home space.
A grand total of 5 Seasonal Candles can be obtained by all players each day, while Adventure Pass holders are eligible for a total of 6 Seasonal Candles per day. The location of seasonal libght and daily quests rotates each day, the Quest NPC will stand next to the zone portal in which the quests can be completed.


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Sky children of the light ios/android walkthrough gameplay
Noob Mode
SEASONAL CANDLES IN WASTELAND | SEASON OF DREAMS | Sky children of the light | Noob Mode

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