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Top 10 WORST Fast Food Restaurants To Work For (ALLEGEDLY)

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List of the top 10 worst fast food restaurants to work for (allegedly). People have claimed these are the fast food chains that treat their workers the worst according to the internet.
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For many people, working at a fast food restaurant is a right of passage. Whether it’s your first job, something to help you pay for college, or your full-time job while you raise a family, working at a fast food restaurant isn’t easy. It’s harder work than most people think, and employees don’t always get the respect they deserve. Here are the top 10 worst fast food restaurants to work for (allegedly).

Do you know what is the worst fast food restaurant to work at? Are these the fast food restaurant jobs you should avoid applying for, for reasons such as underpaying workers, severe health violations, or even worse? Our list includes McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Jimmy John’s, Arby’s, Carl’s Jr, Sonic, Subway, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, and Popeyes. If you enjoyed this video list of the top 10 worst fast food restaurants to work for (allegedly). Comment: #fastfood #fastfoodsecrets #restaurants

0:00 Worst Fast Food Restaurants To Work For (Allegedly)
0:32 McDonald’s
1:53 Taco Bell
3:13 Jimmy John’s
4:35 Arby’s
5:40 Carl’s Jr
6:52 Sonic
8:11 Subway
9:39 Burger King
11:14 Dunkin Donuts
12:31 Popeyes

- No one working at a fast food restaurant expects to get rich doing so, but those who work a full-time schedule have the right to expect to make enough money to live and pay the bills!
- Taco Bell has been sued and had to pay fines for underpaying employees for
their meal breaks.
- Back in 2011 a few Jimmy John’s employees were fired after creating an internet meme that showed two Jimmy John’s sandwiches.
- Arby’s there have been two incidents of workers not having the latter at the end of their shift.
- Back in 2017, Carl’s Jr was fined almost $1.5 million dollars for failing to pay a number of employees basic minimum wage.
- Back in 2017 Sonic, after dealing with a bunch of lawsuits claiming wage theft, signed an agreement with the United States Department of Labor to make improvements and comply with federal labor laws.
- According to people who have worked at Subway locations, many of the restaurants only get two deliveries of fresh produce a week (some stores only get one).
- Even though employees at all fast food restaurants have complained for years about low pay and most fast food restaurants have faced multiple lawsuits regarding wages, Burger King dealt with an issue a few years back about workers being asked to work without any pay at all!
- Do you like the smell of coffee? Well, you better like it if you plan on working at a Dunkin Donuts.
- Several incidents occurred just a year or so ago when Popeyes launched their mega-popular fried-chicken sandwich.

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