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TOP 5 Stocks For Long Term Wealth Creation @Invest With Queenie

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In this video Queenie and I share our TOP 5 STOCKS for long term wealth creation. From individual stocks to ETFs, tune in and learn about our top 5 stocks for long term wealth creation!

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Long term investing in my opinion can be boring, it's not super sexy and it takes time, but the potential is massive. @Invest With Queenie and I talk about 5 long term stocks that focus on wealth creation.

1. Appen (APX)
A leader in the AI field, a space that imo will drive human advancement and Appen is leading the charge. A company based in NSW with offices all over the world developing human annotated datasets for machine learning and AI, Appen (APX) has some huge clients.. Apple, Microsoft and Google (have you heard of them?). I believe AI is shaping our world, Appen (APX) is thriving

2. BetaShares Global Sustainability Leaders ETF (ETHI)
This ETF from BetaShares filters out unethical companies so that you can invest in companies that are changing the world in an environmentally friendly way. Gain access to hundreds of leading world class companies with a single investment and with 20% returns since inception.. who said ethical companies couldnt make money?? This is ETHI

3. Low Cost Market Tracking Index Fund
History tells us the S&P500 has delivered approx 10% returns over 100 years, so why not get a piece of this in a low cost market tracking index fund (ETF) such as IVV or a product from Vanguard VTS. IVV tracks the S&P500, while VTS tracks the total US market and for a super low management fee, you can access world class companies with 1 investment. Warren Buffett said he will be leaving 95% of his wealth in a simple low cost S&P500 index fund.

4. Tyro Payments (TYR)
Tyro provide mobile EFTPOS machines & other products for businesses and they are the biggest provider of EFTPOS machines outside of the Big 4.. maybe you have used a TYRO EFTPOS machine without even knowing! With the rapidly changing landscape from bricks and mortar to ecommerce, TYRO can provide solutions for either. A newly listed ASX stock, TYRO (TYR) should see strong growth in the future!

5. Shopify (SHOP)
Shopify (SHOP) is game changing, if a businesses isn't online then they will be left in the dark. Some of the worlds biggest businesses use Shopify to power their stores and maybe you have purchases something through a Shopify store without even knowing. As eCommerce grows so does shopify and the usability, functionality and quality of a Shopify store sees many business owners turn to Shopify to power their store.

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0:00 Intro + Special Guest ALERT
0:55 Appen (APX) Confusing But GAME CHANGING
2:46 Global Sustainability Leaders ETF (ETHI)
5:05 The BEST ETF On The Market?
7:26 Tyro Payments (TYR) Queenie Is A BIG FAN!!
9:19 Shopify (SHOP) - In Another Dimension

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