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Trying to Survive on Bitcoin for 2 Days | The Breakdown Ep. 3

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Host Luke Mones is back with Episode 3 of The Breakdown — and he’s sharing some of your comments.

Also in this episode: Luke tries to survive for 48 hours using nothing but cryptocurrency — and learns what cryptocurrency actually is.

We also meet a group of “living history” enthusiasts who bring the past to life at the country’s biggest WWII reenactment in Pennsylvania, and we meet the flamethrower expert bringing the heat. The full story is coming up on InsideEdition.com.

Then digital reporter Stephanie Officer butts heads with a herd of goats making their home in the unlikeliest of places: New York City.

Check out InsideEdition.com for more on these stories. And let us know what you’d like to see in future episodes!

In this episode:

The Comments Section: 00:18

Test It Out: Can You Survive on Cryptocurrency? 01:10

Heroes: WWII Flamethrower: 08:42

The Unexpected: Meet the Goats Living in NYC: 12:40

Goat Facts: 13:45
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