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Tutorial: Writing Melodies With Negative Harmony and Modal Exchange [Practical Examples]

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http://musictheoryforguitar.com A while ago I published a video explaining Negative Harmony, an interesting theory used among others by Jacob Collier that allows you to create new and spicy chord progressions.

That video got a big response, and many commenters asked to see more practical examples of how Negative Harmony can create variations in melody and harmony at the same time. So, in this new video, I do just that!

(This is a boon to songwriters... if you ever struggled to write musical ideas that 'go together' with a melody you already have, what I show here is your solution)

In this video, I also show through examples of how Negative Harmony and Modal Exchange are different. Don't worry about the complex names: these are simple ideas and I do explain them in the video.

- Listen to the difference: 0:25
- Theory: Modal Exchange: 1:14
- Theory: Negative Harmony: 2:22
- Practice: Modal Exchange (all melody): 3:27
- Practice: Negative Harmony (all melody): 5:17
- Practice: Modal Exchange (single bar): 6:59
- Practice: Negative Harmony (single bar): 8:27
- Practice: Modal Exchange and Negative Harmony together: 10:08
- How to use in songwriting: 11:05

Previous video on Negative Harmony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHH8siNm3ts

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