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⭐MOD MENU Q&A ????
This is answer commonly asked questions

Q: Is this is a virus?
A: No, it is not a virus. i do not post viruses on the channel.
You can go to https://www.virustotal.com/gui/ to check the files for yourself
if your anti virus saids it is one then its wrong. this is called false positive (Search up the term if you do not know what that means)

Q: Is this available for PC and or IOS?
A: No only android devices

Q:My game is running slow or mobile device is running slow
A: its running slow because you do not have a powerful device or you have to many thing open in the background
i recommend closing apps you are not using if that still does not work then close all the apps other then the modded app

Q: Not downloading
A: Make sure you have enough space for the apk to be downloaded if that doesn't work then
clear cache, reset phone or wait a bit and try again


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