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Warface Revisit - AS-VAL!

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Hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching!

And no gold version yet :/

► To stay in touch with me and informed about the channel, feel free to join my discord! https://discord.gg/eFxvuWF

► Music (in order of appearance):
*I DO NOT OWN any of the music used in this video!*
• Intro music: Years & Years - King (MACE Remix)
• Video music: None
• Outro music: DROELOE - In Time (feat. Belle Doron)

► My intro was kindly made by Slmar Gaming! Amazing guy, thank you so much bro! :D

► Warface (currently in pre-alpha) is Crytek’s new Free2play top quality fps which has been released in North America, Europe and Turkey. It has amazing graphics compared to other free2play fps games and offers a unique gameplay.
• Start playing for free at:
(No, don’t do it, escape while you still can xD)

► Links:
• https://wf.my.com/en/

► My info:
• Warface/Gaming
- Server: North America
- Sensitivity: 7/8 probably
- Graphic settings: Either all high with either low shaders, or low shaders and shadows
- Mouse DPI: 1600 (yes, we're going for the world record)

• Software
- Recording: Nvidia ShadowPlay, Action! Mirillis (for deskptop/outside of game recordings)
- Editing & Rendering: Sony Vegas pro 16

• Hardware:
- PC: iBUYPOWER CA742SL (Model Number)
- NVidia GeForce GTX 960
- Intel core i7-6700k (4.0 GHZ)
- 16 GB RAM
- Mouse: IBUYPOWER MOU-IBP-003 (just a random one that came with my PC, otherwise, I use and recommend Razer Deathadder)
- Keyboard: IBUYPOWER Slim Keyboard model KB-IBP-002 (same as before, no keyboard preferences besides "miss me with that mechanical shit")
- Headset: HyperX Cloud Alpha
- Microphone: Afterglow Wired Stereo Headset (yes, I know, I'm going a bit overboard here with the professional equipment)
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