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What to do with your SUN tokens - Tron Yield Farming - SUN Token Price prediction

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SUN tokens are being distributed to Tron users. Yield farmers are happy and the SUN token is being traded at $24 (down from $32 upon initial distribution)
A quick snapshot of what people are doing with it and my prediction for SUN tokens.

0:00 Introduction
1:05 Price analysis
2:25 Use and application for SUN tokens
3:10 What I'm doing with my SUN tokens
3:40 Staking in Liquidity pools?
4:25 Disclaimer and conclusion

TLDR summary:
1. HODL to moon
2. Sell and get $20 today and miss out on future gains
3. Stake at liquidity pools and earn interest (get rekt)
4. Spent to play at TRC20 casinos
5. Swap to trx and stake for more

Other recommended video - Top 10 TRX based yield farming liquidity pools for staking

======Passive ways to grow Crypto============
Low cost passive income with TRX smart contract:
Smart contract to earn TRX token (As little as 100 TRX)
No need to recruit, we'll be passing people down to you.

Free crypto (BAT TOKEN):
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Get yours free here - https://brave.com/cas734

Disclaimer, the crypto space is volatile and yield farming moves fast. be sure to do your due diligence and only invest what you can afford to lose. Consult a financial advisor for professional advice.

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