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WhatsApp Vs Telegram | Which is the Best | Telegram Channel | Tech Browser

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About this video:
WhatsApp Vs Telegram. Which is the best.

Telegram has been reformed itself with a lot of new features and it has become more advance than WhatsApp today.

In this video, I have covered:
1. Similarities between WhatsApp and Telegram.
2. Difference between WhatsApp and Telegram.
3. WhatsApp Video Call
4. Telegram Video Call
5. WhatsApp Dark Mode and Telegram Night Mode
6. WhatsApp Desktop version
7. Telegram Desktop version.
8. Telegram Channel
9. WhatsApp Broadcast.
10. Income from Telegram.
11. Difference between WhatsApp Group and Telegram Group.
12. Various features of WhatsApp and Telegram.

For more details, you have to watch this video till the end.

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