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When Is The Best Time To Invest In Property?

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When is the best time to invest in property?

(a) NOW
(b) 3 Months
(c) 6 Months

Well, the truth is, it's less about when to invest in property, it's about consistently looking for UK property investment deals that are GENUINE deals and these are out there all the time!

Also... I personally think it's impossible to accurately time the bottom of the property market. Sure, lots of people have opinions, but in most cases, they're saying things like... "I predicted the bottom of the market back in January or October" etc... BUT THEY'RE SAYING THIS AFTER THE FACT.

No... I don't think anyone can say... with absolute conviction... when we will hit the bottom of the property market. Therefore building your property business based on timing the bottom IS a rather silly thing to do (in my opinion).

I think a far better strategy is to consistently put marketing material out there that encourages property sellers to connect with you DIRECT... AND... consistently connect with "Independent" Estate Agents.

I really hope you find this video on "When Is The Best Time To Invest In Property" helpful.

Here's to your success... Tony Law | Your First Four Houses
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