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When You Had To Work In Cold Ceo's House Cause Of The Debt,But He Fall In Love With You|J.JK ONESHOT

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Hi guys I hope you are all alright and here's the new video I hope you will like it and if not then tell me so I can come up with more interesting story lines .

* Disclaimer *
All characters and events in the videos even those based on real people are entirely fictional. Those pictures used in this video are all screenshots, I didn't own any Pictures in this video they are all edited.
This story is only for entertainment there is nothing related to reality so don't take anything serious it's just imagination so let it be that. Or if you guys still have problems then i am sorry for it.

* This content is not related to se*ual , h*rassment and violence.

* No copyright iénfringement indented

* All songs have been taken from YouTube library

* Lastly love our jungkook and bts ^_^
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