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Why You SHOULD Work at an AMAZON Warehouse || Benefits

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In this video I give you guys my top reasons why I think you should work at an Amazon warehouse if you are considering working here. There is a lot of negativity online about working at an Amazon warehouse. But in my experience, working at an Amazon warehouse is not as bad as the internet makes it out to be. The Reddit posts and other forum pages online are pretty extreme in my opinion and does not give a good representation about the job. After watching this video, I hope I have given you some encouragement to go out there and apply to work at an Amazon warehouse. And in my opinion, I think you should give the job a chance, and if you like it, you'll get good pay and you will get some Amazon benefits too!

If you have any other reasons for why you should work at an Amazon warehouse, leave it in the comments below! I read and respond to all of them!

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