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Why You Shouldn’t Work For a Paycheck - Ted and Garrett Sutton [Millennial Money]

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Robert Kiyosaki’s poor dad said, “Job security is the most important thing.”
His rich dad said, “Learning is the most important thing.”

These two statements represent two fundamentally different mindsets about work.
Today, millions are faced with these same choices. Will you work to earn, holding onto security over opportunity? Or, will you work to learn (and get a financial education), giving up some security to embrace the greater opportunity?

For many college students looking to leave school and get that high-paying job has been ingrained into them from birth but today’s guests say, “Working to learn” is more important today than ever before.

Most people will follow the conventional wisdom and choose to work to earn. But if you want to be rich, I recommend that you work for what you want to learn rather than what you want to earn. Figure out what skills you want to acquire before choosing a specific profession and before getting trapped in the rat race.


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