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Will Invest 95L & Invest 96L become Tropical Storm Sally & Tropical Storm Teddy this weekend?

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In today's video, we will decipher the potential for Invest 95L & Invest 96L to develop into Tropical Storm Sally & Tropical Storm Teddy this weekend!

Invest 96L will move northwest into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend and could develop into a Hurricane before making landfall around Louisana early next week!

We discuss how Tropical Disturbance 2 in the Gulf of Mexico has only a 30% chance of development.

We discuss how Tropical Disturbance 4 has a 40% of developing into Tropical Storm Vicky into the next 5 days.

We provide an update on Tropical Storm Paulette and its potential to become a Hurricane and Major Hurricane before impacting Bermuda.

We provide an update on Tropical Storm Rene.

We discuss 4 more tropical waves over Africa behind Tropical Disturbance 4 that will come off the African Coast next week and the week after and their chances of developing into Tropical Storm Wilfred and the first Greek named storm since 2005, Tropical Storm Alpha.

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