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WISE token is NOT a SCAM! Fair Distribution & NO big Insider Bonus! NO Bait & Switch! Defi Delight!

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Get 10% Bonus WISE token when you use my referral link below! You get more bonus than I do!


YOU will get 10% Bonus WISE token by using link above when you participate in a WISE token auction quite good to use it because this particular bonus system DOES NOT even give ME 10% ( unless someone spends a HUGE amount. )

This is the fair way and other ICO's will normally always give big bonus to team and shillers but WISE is not taking this route.

Refer spends 1 - 49.999999999999999999 ETH
Bonus = 0.05 ETH (paid in WISE)

Refer spends 50 or more ETH
Bonus = 10% of ETH (paid in WISE), and “CM Referrer” status


Alice refers a few friends who, in total, send 0.83 ETH into the LT. Alice fails to reach the 1 eth minimum for the first tier, so she earns no bonus WISE.

Bob refers several friends who, in total, send 3.6 ETH into the LT. Bob qualifies for the first bonus tier, so he earns a flat bonus of 0.05 ETH worth of WISE.

Eve creates several WISE videos and publishes her referral link on them. Users clicking her referral link send a total of 64 ETH in to the LT. Eve qualifies for the top bonus tier, so she earns 6.4 ETH worth of WISE, as well as permanent “CM Referrer” status.

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