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Xbox Series X: Everything You Want to Know - Kinda Funny Games Daily 03.16.20

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Greg and Tim talk you through all the Xbox Series X details from today and talk Animal Crossing Reviews!

Time Stamps -
00:04:05 - Housekeeping
Our Animal Crossing review is live now!
We were supposed to host the Core Reveal Party this week on Kinda Funny, but working from home means that can’t happen. We will do a big stream where we play Core with you and build multiplayer games, but that isn’t happening this week. Instead, support Core! They’re in alpha and you can sign up to create your own multiplayer games and play them instantly with the world! Go to http://www.CoreGames.com to get in the alpha, get creating, and get ready for our stream. Plus, you can catch the team streaming on twitch.tv/corelive.
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Mohammed Mohammed, Drew Gardiner, Black Jack, The Kinda Funny Destiny 2 PC Clan
The Roper Report -
00:15:08 - Xbox Series X BLOWOUT!
00:14:18 - What's more important? Load times or better graphics? - Best Friends Q: BJ Bernardo
00:20:15 - What’s new with the controller? Joe Skrebbels @ IGN
00:27:56 - It’ll use Proprietary Cards, Mike Williams at USG
00:33:22 - Is Microsoft making a mistake not including more storage, or is that a strategic move to help keep the price down and stay competitive with PS5? - Best Friends Q: Anakinjmt
00:38:42 - Gears 5 will be banging at launch, Richard Leadbetter @ Digital Foundry
00:40:46 - With Xbox today detailing even more of the series x specs and technology, and seemingly not leaving themselves with much about the console to reveal, where do you think the big Pr beats will come from when the official launch happens? - Best Friends Q: a Qwerk of Fate
00:44:18 - Nintendo Indie World Showcase Tomorrow
00:48:20 - Animal Crossing Review Round-Up
00:57:25 - HIMS
00:59:20 - MANSCAPED
01:01:45 - Out today
01:03:50 - Squad Up: Mike(Xbox) - Vanhhh
01:04:25 - You‘re Wrong
This Week’s Hosts:
TUESDAY: Greg and Imran
WEDNESDAY: Greg and Gary Whitta
THURSDAY: Greg and Tim
FRIDAY: Greg and Blessing

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